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The World's Greatest Birthday Parties!

Toddler Birthday Ideas

The World's Greatest Birthday Parties!

Kids Birthday Party

The World's Greatest Birthday Parties!

Lollipop Park is temporarily closed due to Covid19, but we have also been taken over by a bunch of 1st grade renegades who will not let us re-open until these demands are met (and the State of Colorado regulations are lifted)- No more math or science for a while. Free vending machines at school. Seat belts on all school busses. Parents must delete their Tik Tok accounts and act their own age. More sleep overs. More tents allowed in living rooms. More popsicles in the freezer (except the orange ones; replace with cherry). Tell the tooth fairy $5 dollars per tooth. No more picking up toys after playing because their arms are tired and more field trips to Lollipop Park with free lollipops. Note from the owners- We have just received confirmation that the Federal Lollipop Reserve stockpile in Washington DC is shipping 70 thousand billion lollipops to Lollipop Park to meet the kids’ demands. The seat belts are a safety issue, so we agree with that. As far as everything else, “please” give in to your kids because they know what is best. Plus, we want to open ASAP.



Open Year Round for General Public and Birthdays!

Thursdays 10am- 5pm

Fridays-Saturdays-Sundays 10am- 7pm

Open Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day 10am–5pm

*Closed Easter, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day




Childrens' Wristbands Good for UNLIMITED RIDES & UNLIMITED TIME! 

Thurs-Fri $14.95 per child*

Sat-Sun $16.95 per child*

(10 children or more $15.95 per child}

* All children walking thru approx. 10 years old will enjoy all of our rides!

Adults (under 200 lbs) may accompany a wristbanded child for "free" on the Ferris Wheel, Train, Teacup Ride & stand on the Horse Carousel.



Birthday Parties!

Denver's Greatest Birthday Parties for Over 37 Years!

Call 303-761-8701 for Birthday Reservations or Book Online!

  • No Deposits!
  • No Times Limits on Rides!
  • No Minimum Number of Kids Required!

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#1 Kids Birthday Party Place in Denver, Colorado

Welcome to Lollipop Park! We have been in the children's entertainment industry since 1982. Many of you can remember Physical Whimsical, Funtastic Nathan's, Funtastic Fun and now Lollipop Park!

Lollipop Park is #1 in Colorado for birthday parties, hosting over 3000 birthdays every year! We have never required minimum number of kids, time limits or deposits. We provide the "only" children's entertainment with amazing European amusement park rides in a safe, clean "indoor" facility away from the hot summer sun or frigid cold winters. We have invested more than $2 million in rides & custom giant lollipop decorations for you and your child to enjoy a special family fun day out and funtastic birthday celebrations!

Overview of Lollipop Park
Overview of Lollipop Park

The Ultimate Birthday Party

Lollipop Park has perfected the art of the birthday party for kids walking thru age 10. Our European-style indoor rides provide hours of thrills and memories, from our Horse Carousel and Ferris Wheel to our Teacup Ride and Choo Choo Train.